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The Rocky Horror Commedia Show!! Tonight & Tomorrow!

It's not Just a Jump to the Left when you have Fools in Fishnets!!

Especially not when it's the second most risque show we have ever done! The Confused Greenies are going drag in The Rocky Horror Commedia Show, our musical spoof celebrating the *10th* anniversary of the tradition of the CWRU Film Society's Rocky Horror live shadow-cast, Voyeuristic Intentions (because it wasn't a tradition until its second year!).

Capitano Francfaroné has his eye (and some other body parts) on the young heroine Lesbia but she only has eyes for her fiancé, Virginio (yes, they do not yet know just how confused they are!). With Capitano throwing a party to distract celebrate the occasion of their engagement, his abused servant Riff-Rella convincing him of a certain kind of fashion sense that attracts Lesbia, rival scientist Dottore Scotiano's out-of-this-world paranoia, lessons learned from the exotic tap-dancing Columbina, and patchwork clad Zansylvanians it's bound to be a night you will not soon forget!

Join the Patchwork Players Parody Perversion for our very first musical production - at least if the foolish harlequin Arlecchino can get the songs right!

Two Shows! Both Free! Tonight, Friday October 23 and tomorrow Saturday October 24, both days at 9:00pm. Meet us in Nord Hall - and we'll take you somewhere special!

For more info, video, photographs, and a cast list, please visit: http://filer.case.edu/org/commedia/plays/2009-10-24_RHCS.html

And don't forget the Voyeuristic Intentions show on Hallowe'en, October 31, at midnight in Strosacker Auditorium! But arrive early for the Pre-Show De-Virginization Games! And thanks to the CWRU Japan Connection for letting us go on seconds after their weekly anime meeting!

See you soon - especially depending upon the Rocky Horror dress code!

The Confused Greenies - the Greatest, Loudest, and Most Pompous Commedia dell'Arte troupe at Case Western Reserve University
i Verdi Confusi - the Greatest of the Newest Commedia dell'Arte troupe in Northern Oaken of the Midrealm
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