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"Dottore Who & the Three Locks of Time"

The Confused Greenies are ending our biggest semester to date with our biggest show to date - Dottore Who & the Three Locks of Time, a silly sci-farce that parodies any science-fiction we can get our hands on!

After a preview at Notacon 6 last week, we're holding three free performances in Nord Atrium!
Friday 4/24 - 9:00pm (tonight!)
Saturday 4/25 - 8:00pm (after Springfest)
Sunday 4/26 - 2:00pm (matinee)

Dottore Who has received a warning from his future self that the fate of the Multiverse is in peril! And somehow only Dottore's companion, the hapless harlequin Arlecchino can save it! Can Dottore find the Three Locks of Time to fulfill Arlecchino's destiny? Will Starship Capitano James T. Testosteroné thwart him just to prove he's the only protector this Multiverse needs? Will the Imperial Zanni-Troopers of the Galactic Generic Overlordly Persons ever actually hit a target? And can the green-skinned alien Companion Colombina keep her dearest love Flavio from his sudden but inevitable death as a Red-Shirt?

Only the Patchwork of Time & Space & Foolery will tell!!

Dottore and Arlecchino leave the TARDIS Capitano James T. Testosteroné & his Red-Shirts Agents Punch & Scapino Skarino, an Ex-Terminator from the Future

Imperial Zanni-Troopers Strike! Dottore's Companions The Guardian of the First Lock of Time Dottore and Colombina give a lecture on Sci-Fi Physics

Photography by Marshall Hughes. View the Album

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