Data Magpie (tylik) wrote in cwru,
Data Magpie

bike related stuff

So spring is here, and it's time to do more on the bicycle.

Can anyone recommend a good bike shop close to campus? I ride a recumbent, if that matters, and my shifters need some work - probably not more than a good thorough cleaning, but it's not something I've done myself before. (And I'd like to pick up some new summer weight gloves, but they have to be just the right ones... y'know, stuff.)

And can anyone recommend more general resources? Mostly I've been running errands on my bike, but I'd like to start doing longer rides. Hiking has been one of my long beloved hobbies, and what I'd like to work up to is a moderate ride, to a hike, possible overnight, hike back, ride home sort of thing. Particularly places with interesting flora and fungi. (Bonus for places without too much of a history of industry...) Basically, I want to do more hiking, and biking, but I don't want to do more driving. Of course, this all kind of makes it sound like I have a life, and of course in fact I do not. But still, it's nice to think about the life I'd have if I had a life.
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