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Masquerade Dance & Carnevale on Valentine's Day!

On Saturday, February 14 - aka Valentines's Day - 6:30pm to 11:00pm in Thwing Ballroom - we (The Confused Grenies) are holding our first Masquerade Dance! Because how else can you make masked improvised comedy even zanier? Send them to a masquerade ball! And it's been a annual tradition since 2005 to perform at La Dolce Vita (the Italian culture club) Carnevale Celebrations, we invited them to join us this year for a combined event!

At 7:00pm we will be putting on a brand new farce of disguises, confusion, and meta-fiction (think a failed-play-within-a-play) called Mask-Taken Identities which might be our wackiest comedy yet! Right afterward will be other musical and performance acts throughout the evening. Later in the night the floor will be open for dancing!

La Dolce Vita is bringing a feast of food from Corbo's Bakery in Little Italy and there are various contests scheduled including a costume contest. We'll have some mask making tables set-up since it is a masquerade! Oh, should I mention the entire night - the food, the entertainment, the dancing - is all free?

So if you want to be romantic on V-day, we have dancing and fun performances! If you want to ignore this commercialized holiday, we have free food and fun performance! We hope to see you there!

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