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The Confused Greenies present: "The Lady Who Was Believed Dead"

Buonasera, everyone!

The Confused Greenies will be holding an encore performance of The Lady Who Was Believed Dead on Saturday, January 31, 6:00pm at Amasa Stone Chapel. This commedia (masked, semi-improvisational slapstick comedy) was originally created by the greatest commedia troupe in history, i Gelosi, who were inspired by the same stories that William Shakespeare used for Romeo & Juliet - but this play begins with the tragic "death" (a fake funeral) and ends in comedy! Poster.

You can get a taste with these prelude scenes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFI-dBfC6v8

And in just over two weeks is our first Masquerade Dance on Valentine's Day in Thwing Ballroom. We are joining with La Dolce Vita's Carnevale celebration! We are scheduling performers in addition to our own original play. If you or a group you're with would like to perform, please email us.

Stay warm and stay amused!

The Confused Greenies - the Greatest, Loudest, and Most Pompous Commedia dell'Arte troupe at Case Western Reserve University
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