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Looking for something to do tonight?

Just in case ya find yerself in Ohio City tonight...

TONIGHT, anytime after 7pm…join the Fagowees Ski Club on a FAB Pub Crawl
around West 25th, in Ohio City!

Get your wrist band at The Old Angle, lower level…and check it out!
We have the lower level all night and will be sportin info, raffles,
apps and tiara's! (ok. well, your queen will have a tiara. Not so
sure Gumbish!)

Need a reason to attend?
How about ten!
  • Help lil peeps get on the Brandywine slopes! Proceeds go to Three Trackers of Ohio! (
  • Raffles!!! Prizes!!! (THANK you BMBW and Fagowee Merchandise Team!)
  • Free Apps! (while they last!) at The Angle AND ABC! 
  • Crawl Peeps Beer specials at the Angle!
  • 50 Cents off Beers for Crawlers at ABC!
  • Cento's Pomme Frittes at happy hour price ALL NIGHT LONG! Plus Bevvie specials!
  • Garage bar has your martini fix! Martini and beer pricing ONLY fo rthe crawlers!
  • HAVE YOUR SUPPER at Touch!!! FAB food…and 25% off of that fabulous food ALL NIGHT LONG! Plus wine and brewski specials!Wanna see a menu? OH YUMMO! (hint, the 9:30 raffle is at Touch…so grab some grub!)
  • Wrist bands are cool!
  • HELP SELL THECLUB! Incentives for those sportin wrist bands to goout and return with folks they meet during the night…and get THEM tojoin in on the crawl!

All info is on the web! (parking info, cab numbers, more info on
specials…) So…CHECK IT OUT!
Let's show Ohio City how we ROLL! See you tonight!
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