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The Horoscope - a new commedia dell'arte play

The Confused Greenies, the Greatest, Loudest, and Most Pompous Commedia dell'Arte troupe at Case are performing The Horoscope tonight and tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 22, 8pm at Turning Point Gardens Amphitheatre next to Guilford House and Mather Dance
Wednesday, April 23, 9pm at Strosacker Auditorium

Performances are free! And because commedia has elements of long-form improv comedy (and we're performing in two seperate venues), so both shows will be d!

The Horoscope, a new farce about infidelity, satisfaction, and peppermints in which Dottore Gratiano’s horoscope bodes him an ill prediction; his beautiful wife Flaminia seeks to end her frustrations; the saucy maid Ricciolina and the swaggering Capitano Testosteroné have their own ideas for the prima donna; and the foolish servant Arlecchino seeks a different kind of satisfaction.

The scenario for this play was originally written and performed at Pennsic War XXXVI by members of the commedia troupes The Confused Greenies (i Verdi Confusi), i Scandali, i Sebastiani, and i Rosti Lioni. This performance is a modified and expanded piece by the entire Confused Greenies troupe throughout the past year.

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