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CWRU libaray open on Sundays


I just found out today that my library, the Judge Ben C. Green Law Library in Gund Hall, is apparently the only one on campus that is open on Sundays. I found this out shortly after getting off the phone with a woman asking if her hubby could use the place to prep for the medical boards as the medical libraries were closed.

SO, if you need a quiet and comfy place to study on Sundays between the hours of 10:00am and 6:00pm, come by Gund Hall (the "normal-looking" three story brick building behind Peter B. Lewis). We have just a few rules.

1. NO food is allowed. If you want to sneak an occasional M&M, that's one thing but we've had to talk to people who smuggled in pizza slices, sub sandwiches and quart containers of Chinese noodles. Let's not encourage the cockroaches, mkay?

2. Drinks are cool so long as they're in something as spill-proof as possible, such as a water bottle or a reusable travel mug. The disposable cups from Starbucks and Arabica don't count as the lids will pop off if tipped over (trust me - it's happened and we don't want the furniture or the books ruined).

3. Avoid using cell phones, especially on the third floor. We're open all week and some nights as late as 8:00 because the law students are studying for the bar exam. You REALLY do NOT want to chat away anywhere near a stressed-out someone trying to review their Constitutional Law notes.

If you don't need the quiet of the library but would like access to snacks, you might want to set up shop in Blackacre, the student lounge with comfy chairs and vending machines.

To enter, come in the East Blvd doors (ring the red button on the door if it's locked) and go up one floor and sign in. There you'll find the lovely and talented circulation staffers who can help you with any questions you may have.

Have a good summer!
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